Air Conditioning Tune-Ups to Help Preserve Your System

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The purpose of an air conditioning tune-up is to continue to help lower the temperatures indoors. You can easily do this by calling in your local HVAC experts. Those guys can preserve your cooling system for another year.

If you have never had this type of maintenance service done to your system before, a tune-up is when a qualified HVAC technician comes to your home or business to provide a thorough inspection on your unit. Most techs have an inspection checklist they go over.

How important is it to have this service done? Well think about it-don’t you want your air conditioner to work all summer? Maintenance for these systems will make your home a lot colder without using a lot of energy to do it.

A pre-season tune-up will help catch any problems before getting worse. There are many ways in which a Charlotte cooling can be of a benefit to you. Your family deserves to not sweat in their beds while trying to sleep at night.

What types of things occur during a tune-up?

  • Filters & Airflows are checked –Dirty & older filters will need changed. Many tune-ups include filter replacement as part of their services.
  • Condensate drain is cleaned and flushed – The condensation tray needs to be drained or else it will cause the system to work ineffectively.
  • Thermostat controls are checked – HVAC techs will check the thermostat controls at the point of turning them on and off.
  • Coolant is chucked and added if needed – Coolant is necessary in keeping your AC running. This will also help check for leaks.
  • All parts are lubricated – Great for lubricating older AC that cause your system to breakdown.
  • Temperature differential are tested – This is the temperature at the AC supply that is compared to the temps at the AC return.

Types of cooling systems that will benefit from a tune-up

  • Split
  • Packaged
  • Central
  • Window

You should schedule one now because summer is about to end and fall begins. If you have been running your system all summer long, then let us come out and check it before keeping it offer for several months.

HVAC techs realize that you cannot perform a tune-up on your own and that’s why they offer services like that. It’s will help save you lots of money. By not having to replace your cooling system, you’re already saving hundreds of dollars.

You will also be able to save on your energy bills. An air conditioning tune-up is no joke as it will cut down drastically on the amount of energy that is wasted. Your home deserves to have a working cooling system that’s offers on demand action.

If you are in need of an air conditioning tune-up in the Charlotte area, please call Mechanical Doctor, Inc. at 704-566-7900 or fill out our online request form.