Charlotte Residents Improve Energy Efficiency through Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

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air-conditioning-tune-up-charlotteDuring the summertime, your air conditioner is responsible for the largest portion of your Charlotte residence’s energy consumption.  In this day and age of high energy prices, it is important that your residential air conditioner operate as efficiently as possible.  If you can manage to make your home air conditioner more efficient, you can realize substantial savings on your monthly energy bills.

Because of the importance of energy saving, there are many organizations that specialize in providing individuals with guidelines as to how to conserve energy.  One such volunteer organization is Energy Star.  The experts at Energy Star state that one of the best ways to improve your Charlotte residence’s energy consumption is to conduct air conditioning tune-ups before the height of the cooling season.

The air conditioning repair contractors at Mechanical Doctor, Inc. provide the most thorough air conditioning tune-up services in Charlotte.  They can perform an extensive inspection of you residential HVAC system in order to identify areas of energy waste.  By hiring their professional air conditioning specialists in the spring, you can feel confident that your air conditioner will operate at peak performance and maximum efficiency when your family needs it most.

Air Conditioning Tune-up Services

The professional air conditioning repair contractors at Mechanical Doctor, Inc. will provide you with a wide range of services during their routine air conditioning tune-ups.  The following are just a few of the ways in which they can maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

During the inspection at your Charlotte home, their HVAC specialists will check your thermostat to ensure that your system is operating optimally at all hours of the day.  They will then assess electrical connections and lubricate moving parts.  If these connections are faulty or if the system is not properly lubricated, your air conditioner wastes energy and is highly susceptible to damage.

The air conditioning contractors at Mechanical Doctor, Inc. will also assess your HVAC system as a whole.  They will examine the ductwork in your Charlotte home in order to ensure that cool air is properly delivered throughout your home.  During this assessment, they can address dirty and clogged air filters that add extra stress to your HVAC system as a whole.  In order to ensure peak efficiency and maximum service life, their air conditioning tune-up services include cleaning and adjusting blower components as well.

Lastly, the professionals at Mechanical Doctor, Inc. will clean the evaporator and condenser coils on your Charlotte system.  When these components are dirty, your air conditioner must remain on far longer than normally required.  The HVAC contractors will also check to make certain that the refrigerant level is within proper range.  These air conditioning tune-up services can result in immense energy savings.

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