Boiler Repairs – What’s The Issue With Your Heater?

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If you are sick and tired of your heater not providing you with enough warm air, it could be that the system you are using does not sufficiently meet your needs and you may need to change to a different system.

There are reasons your heater may be giving you a problem, such as being too small to handle the area it is supposed to cover, malfunctioning issues, parts failure, thermostat malfunction, or being the wrong type of system for the climate you are in.

No matter the problem, only a professional can tell you what type of system is best for your space. What works well for a friend or neighbor, may not be what you need.

If the heating unit in your home is too small for the size of your home or room it serves, you will never be able to get all the heat you want unless you add a second heating system to supplement the default.

Another issue you may have that could warrant changing your heating system is if your electric bills skyrocket when you use your heater. If you live in a climate that regularly drops below freezing in the wintertime and you have a heat pump installed, your heating bills could be too high if your thermostat is constantly having to utilize the furnace system.

Heat pumps are useful in milder climates where the heater does not have to constantly battle to heat the air. In this set-up, the heat pump is the main heating system and will automatically kick in the furnace when it can’t sufficiently heat the air.

Little understood by homeowners, the emergency heat setting on the thermostat is the manual control for your furnace. (You can at any time switch to manual heat to turn on the furnace and bypass the heat pump, but this will cost more in your energy bill).

But for cold climates, the heat pump is pretty obsolete since most of the time you need to heat the temperature from a lower degree.

Boilers are the preferred heat source for cold climates and are very common. But in some areas, the heat pumps are still used where they would be better off with a different system. If you want to stay the most comfortable and you need a larger area heated or need to heat the air from a lower temperature, the boiler could be the answer.

Boilers are used for heating in buildings as well, especially in apartments or businesses where a lot of heating is needed. A small apartment complex may have just one huge boiler to provide heat to the entire complex.

Most boilers for residential use today are compact in design and utilize a sophisticated combustion technology. Boilers operate with clean combustion, with high levels of efficiency.

The efficiency of residential boilers can be as high as 98%. The boilers are available in a variety of sizes to sufficiently heat any sized residential property.

Boilers require tune-ups and inspections just like any other air system would. Only professionally licensed and insured contractors should repair, maintain, inspect, or install heating and air conditioning systems, including boilers.

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